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Merswood (Mers is the name of the pine tree in the north of Iran) is a well-known brand in the thermo-manufacturing industry using the latest European standards (Germany and Finland), that is ready to serve you with ten years of experience. This brand belongs to the manufacturing factory of the arman choobineh zagros (Private Joint Stock) company.

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What are the characteristics of Merswood?

Uniform Quality

The procedure of thermo-processing in Merswood carries out in a uniform temperature process that ensures uniform color and quality during timber post-processing and enhances the product quality.

Considerable Variety of Wood and Products

Merswood is one of the best Thermo manufacturers that offers an acceptable variety of products, including the types of pine, walnut and light ash, etc.

Unique and Special

Using the original and high-quality raw lumbers, Merswood makes it possible to use in all indoor and outdoor environments and different climatic conditions. It is also worth noting that the unique and special processing of Merswood has a scientific basis.

Production based on Current Knowledge

Using the technology of Germany and Finland and the quality control of the finished products, Merswood insures and guarantees all its products to create a pleasant memory for the customers.

Thermo-wood in Desired Dimensions

Merswood is capable of producing Thermowood in various and custom- made dimensions for all applications. We are proud to offer a range of Thermo-wood up to 35 cm wide and 15 cm thick.

Variation in Color and Model

Merswood offers Thermo-wood in a variety of colors and models, incorporating a wide range of tastes and making it easier for customers to choose.

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Morse Choob is a national brand for those who are interested in using products with international quality but Iranian production … Experts, each of whom has a different opinion about Morse Choob products.

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