Types of Thermo Wood

  • 2020-02-28

Needle leaf Thermo Wood: This product is made from evergreen trees that have needle-like leaves. The color of the needles is yellowish red.

It is usually made from pine and is best grown in Finland, Scandinavia, Russia, and North America. It is worth noting that the wood is popular because of its lightness, beautiful texture, and low price, as much as 80% of the world’s wood sales are dedicated to this species.

The needle leaf trees divide into Marginal and Overgrown shrubs. Of these, the latter is vertical, and straight, due to the need for sunlight, a dense texture, and a smooth growth. They are more suitable for timber and Thermo wood.

Broad-leaf Thermo wood: It is made from broad-leaf trees such as Ash, Walnut, Fig, Oak, Sycamore and Beech. These trees are autumnal and have more uniform rings and higher density and strength. Large vessels are one of the signs of broad-leaves trees.

Ash tree is the best choice among other broad-leaves. This is native to Europe and spreads in northern Scandinavia. Due to the appearance of its fruit, Ash tree has become known as Zaban Gonjeshk in Iran.

The wood texture of this tree is knotless, and has high strength, high formability and grooves that prevent slipping. Because of the high strength, this wood is used in places that withstand a lot of pressure (such as flooring and stairs).

Although hardwoods have attracted carpenters because of the variety of colors, vein patterns and textures, but their heavy weight and high price have limited their use

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